Lodging: Vacation Rentals, Hotels & More

Whether you are looking for a campground, hotel room, condominium, or huge vacation house rental, you’ll find a plethora of Lake Havasu lodging options. Ranging from small and simple to large and luxurious, lake lodging in Arizona makes the perfect getaway for groups of all sizes. Best of all, many of these lodging options are near Lake Havasu so you can be close to the boat rentals, jet ski rentals, ATV adventures, and travel trailer rentals offered by Sandbar Powersports.

  • VRBOs are a great way for familys and large groups to get the most room to stay in.


Contact us today at (928) 854-4242 to book one of our watersports rentals after you make your Lake Havasu lodging reservation. We look forward to welcoming you to Arizona!